Video Critique

Thank you for coming to my site in order to critique the first part of a four part documentary.  I have been asked to share this first part in order to measure whether or not the documentary is good enough to warrant finishing the last three parts.

Outside of presenting this to you to get your opinion, please note that I am doing this as a favor and have absolutely no other connection to this documentary.  Six of you have been asked for your opinion as to whether it is a well done piece or whether it is not.  Three of you are males and three are females.  All of you but one are eligible for medicare.  One of you is unique in that you actually make documentaries for a living.

Finally, I do not believe that I have any email address you might use.  However, if necessary, please use a new email you make with an online free account to keep your identity unknown.  I have created an email address for all of you to use in order to share your critique with me.    Please do not tell me who you are when you send your critique. Please send your email to .

Copy and Paste to Go to the link below.  It will take a bit to load, but it will start on its own.